Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Winter Waterbirds

Yesterday was one of those 'proper' Winter mornings - achingly cold and crisp.  So naturally I headed out with my camera - this time to Redesmere, to see some waterbird action!

The sign below is accurate in every way - having sailed at Redesmere during the Summer, I vividly remember the immense amount of goose poo floating all around us...

Onto more pleasant things!  Such as this beautiful female Tufted Duck I spotted amongst all the mallards and coots:

Despite the huge numbers of coots mostly involved in frenetic swimming and diving, this one caught my eye for the restful state it seemed to be in - I've never seen a coot meditating but if I did I reckon it would look like this:

Moments later it snapped out of its reverie for a bath - I managed to capture the water as it broke over its head.  Not the sharpest of shots, but I was struggling with low light which meant using a slower shutter speed than I would have liked:

The other abundant species at Redesmere is Black-Headed Gulls:

I admit I can see why many people aren't fans of gulls, scavenging through our rubbish for food when they're not busy grabbing it right out of a freaked-out kid's hand.  But the fact is, they only behave this way because of us - they're animals, acting on instinct, and if we put all this food and rubbish out there, then of course they're going to go for it!

Anyway, that's it for today.  I had to leave shortly after this shot was taken as I was wearing the wrong gloves and literally could no longer feel my fingers.

I did spot and manage to capture a female Goosander before I left though.  Couldn't get a great shot as she was too far away, but I had to post it anyway:

Goosanders are not the most common of ducks, so I'm always quite excited when I see one - quite apart from the fact that they are quite stunning :)

Hope you enjoyed the first of my Winter series!  Off out in a mo to do some more - gotta make the most of this December sunshine, as I'm sure it won't last...

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