Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Kingfisher Diaries (part 3) - not even a sighting!

At least, not of a Kingfisher...

On the way down the country lane to Redesmere, spotted a Great Spotted Woodpecker at work on a tree at the side of the road.  Stopped the car and tried to shoot it all in one fluid motion - didn't work of course, and the bird flew to a further away tree.  So I just got a shot for the record:

On the other side of the tree was another fave of mine - a Nuthatch.  Get in!  Though again, this is just a record shot:

As I mentioned, no sign of the Kingfisher today.  Instead, I saw a buzzard chasing away some crows, two male Great Crested Grebe, the tiniest Wren I have ever seen, and there was lots of take-off and splash-landing action from the Canada Geese:


  1. Well a G.S Woodpecker and a Nuthatch is ample consolation for the missed Kingfisher.
    A Nuthatch is quite a rarity to me so I would have been happy.

  2. definitely! the woodpecker made my day, even if i couldn't get a decent shot. i don't see them very often and they're such stunning birds.
    i'm quite lucky on the nuthatch front as my father has a couple which visit his garden daily - haven't managed to get a good shot of them yet though!