Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Kingfisher Diaries (part 2) - a Grey Wagtail!

I haven't seen one of these beauties for a while.  Was back at Redesmere today, looking for Kingfishers.  And this time saw two!!  Well over-excited about that.  They were chasing each other - not sure if this was a mating ritual or a territorial dispute, as it all happened too fast and too far away...

And once again, it was all over before I could get my camera to eye level!

However, looking away from the mere, spotted this lone Grey Wagtail:

It's great to see a flash of bright yellow on a grey rainy Sunday - especially when it follows two flashes of bright blue :)

Check in again soon to find out what other birds shots I capture on my quest to shoot Kingfishers!


  1. Well done with the Wagtail shot. I have two that leave me a merry old dance on my patch..always just out of camera range. The Kingfisher on the same river is also illusive and you really need to find one perching/fishing to get a good shot.
    Good luck with your Quest.

  2. thanks :) it was actually my partner who spotted the wagtail - i was too busy looking for the kingfisher!
    i'm going to keep trying to get the kingfisher shot. there is a perfect fishing perch not far from where i usually stand which i'm hoping it will use at some point when i'm there... i have a couple of other places to try as well if this one doesn't work out! patience is a virtue though i guess :)