Friday, 4 December 2009

The Kingfisher Diaries (part 1)

I should say from the outset that I didn't get any Kingfisher shots today.

In fact, I wasn't even planning to.  I was at Redesmere again checking out the waterbirds, when suddenly I spotted a bright blue torpedo zooming over the water along the bank edge.  I managed to follow it with my bins, and what a sight.  Kingfishers truly are stunning.  This particular one came to rest in a tree about 10 metres to my left, but completely obscured by greenery.

Whilst waiting for it to emerge, I took this candid of a Mallard having a drink:

Suddenly, my peripheral vision spotted the blue torpedo once again, heading back the way it had come - to the other side of the mere.  Missed it again! 

However, I decided I'd found its flight path, so took some more pictures of ducks while I waited for it to come back...  Here are a female and male Tufted Duck, chilling in an eye-catching arrangement:

These three male Mallards also caught my eye:

Hooray for peripheral vision!!  The Kingfisher came zooming back into the same tree as before.  But moments later, it shot away behind me and I lost it.  Still, I figured it was best to stay stay exactly where I was and wait for it to return.

Which eventually happened an hour and a half later, just as I was about to quit and go home with minor frostbite.  Once again though, it was way too fast, and I didn't have a chance to get a shot.

Instead, I took this moody shot of a Black-Headed Gull and its reflection:

It was time to head back to the car, telling myself I'd be back late afternoon to try again, weather permitting.  Needless to say, the weather permitted no such thing!  This Black-Headed Gull taken through my car window pretty much summed it up:

So, no Kingfisher shots today.  BUT, I now know where it lives, and I shall be back!

As a footnote, I saw the female Goosander again, this time with a pal, as well as a male Great Crested Grebe.  In all, I counted 15 different species of bird in a fairly small area on and around the water. 

Which, Kingfisher or no Kingfisher, ain't bad at all :)


  1. A very difficult bird to photograph as they move so fast. Now you have found the flight path and where he fishes from you are in a good position now to get the photograph. I am still trying to photograph the one on my patch but a combination of bad weather and luck it has alluded me. Hope we both make it

  2. Sorry for late response - I've only just noticed that I've been getting comments (I'm new to this blogging lark)! I haven't been back to the mere for a week or so but hoping to soon... it stopped on a branch really close to me the other day, but i didn't have time to put camera to eye! best of luck with getting your shot too :)