Tuesday, 29 December 2009

More Blackbird Berry Antics

Some more recent shots of the Blackbird eating from its favourite tree - made me smile :)

I took that as a warning to stay away from the berries!  Though to be honest it was just chewing, and not actually screeching at me.

I'm constantly amused by this Blackbird's decision to go for the most inaccessible berries/crabapples (ID anyone?) - there are plenty to choose from, but apparently they're not as fun/nutritious unless accessed by hanging upside down and repeatedly losing one's balance:

At which point it flew off, looking somewhat miffed.  Go for the easier ones next time!

That's all for today.  Hoping to get back to my Kingfisher spot soon, so fingers crossed I'll have something good to post...


  1. love the 2nd picture down. Cracker.....

  2. haha, thanks! made me laugh, even though it really was only chewing :)