Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowy Cheshire, woo hoo!!

Current mood = pretty chuffed to be living in a beautiful part of the country.  Even more beautiful under this blanket of snow.  Which is incidentally proving very useful as well as pretty - our water's been cut off so we're using melted snow to fill the toilet cisterns!

But never mind that.  Went out for a walk today not far from Macclesfield - mostly woods, fields and a mere.  It was truly breathtaking.  Check out this view - it looked almost surreal (especially with the scary factory fume plumes):

On a smaller scale, there were stunning ice crystal formations everywhere:

I came across these sheep in a field, seemingly unawares of the eye-catching trails they'd left behind them:

And towards the end of the walk, watched this Robin for a while:

I think I shall be sad when the snow is gone and the landscape is back to normal...


  1. thanks. i hadn't walked so much in ages before the snow came :)

  2. Yes, Love that snow trails.