Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Kingfisher Diaries (part 4) - D'OH!! (and a dancing robin)

Well it seems as though this part of the country is beginning to thaw a little... which could mean more snow on the way?  In the meantime, I took a little diversion home today via Redesmere, to see how the snow and ice has been affecting the bird life there.

I found the mere almost completely frozen over, apart from a small area near the car park where every single duck, goose, coot and swan was gathered. 

Decided to walk over the corner where I've several times spotted the Kingfisher - all I could see was a squirrel on the bank nearby and a blackbird foraging in the snow.  Then, as I took another step forward, a flash of blue flew away into the trees from just 3 metres in front of me!!  I'd startled the Kingfisher on its post!  Very annoyed at myself.  Lesson from this - next time, scour the area from a distance with bins before approaching!  Hmph.

Slight recompense - captured a Robin 'dancing' on a post instead:

Plan for tomorrow is to hid out in the corner where the Kingfisher was today, and wait...  there is a small patch of unfrozen water there also, and numerous potential fishing posts...  so I'm putting 2 and 2 together and hopefully making 4 in thinking that the Kingfisher will be needing to spend a fair bit of time there at the moment...

Watch this space!!


  1. Good luck and nice image of the Robin. Unfortunatly my 18 day break finishes and i'm back to work tomorow.

  2. Hope your patience pays dividends.

  3. Hi Estelle. First time here..great photos.
    Patience with the Kingfisher will pay off.
    BTW congrats on the Lesser woodie; a good time of the year to catch this difficult species.
    Cheers, Frank.