Friday, 22 January 2010

Magic photography for a grey day :)

One of the most amazing things about photography, for me, is that it allows us to see things in the world around us which we would otherwise never see - usually because they're moving too fast! 

So on this grey, rainy, back-to-traditional-English-Winter kind of day, I thought I'd brighten my day by trying to capture water droplets landing in a bowl of water.  I can already hear you thinking "Mmm-hmm, sounds thrilling".  Well, it was certainly challenging, and patience-testing!  But I reckon the results are worth it.  I'm always amazed to see such an everyday thing as water looking so different...

Like these golden droplets:

Now my original plan was to try and capture the 'crown' the drop makes as it hits the water.  Turns out that this is way easier said than done!  This was the best I managed to get:

The background wasn't right in this shot - but hey, it's all about the experimenting.

I finally settled on a bright blue background, which I reckon gives a nice effect.  Here are a selection of my favourite shots:

Of course the real magic here is that there's no magic involved whatsoever.  No camera trickery or special effects.  This is just what water does - and that's plenty magic enough for me!


  1. Fantastic images...I like them a lot.

  2. Wonderful photos. It is amazing how beautiful something like a water drop can be.

  3. thanks! glad you like them. i had fun taking them - i too am always amazed at the myriad forms water can take :)

  4. Beautiful photos Estelle and I have enjoyed looking through previous posts at your bird pics. Congratulations on the Kingfisher. I spent all last year trying to track one down with no luck at all!

  5. thanks shysongbird :) yeah, i was pretty pleased with my kingfisher capture, though i plan on going back and planning a much better shot...