Wednesday, 21 October 2009

It's true! I've started this blog to share my birding adventures with the world! 

No, I'm not sure that's it...

OK, I'm a woman, I'm a birder, I'm a photographer, I'm a massage therapist, I'm a music-lover, I'm lots of things.  I want to share some of my passion for some of these things, because passion makes the world go round.

As a non-middle-aged-non-male birder, I've come to believe that I'm a fairly rare species.  In my several years of birding, I've yet to bump into a single other young(-ish) female out there wielding binoculars. 

Which puzzles me occasionally, because birds are amazing!  And it's a perfect excuse to be outside, in any kind of habitat, from an inner city garden to a wild coastline.  Nature ROCKS, and is good for the soul :)  So where are all the girl-birders?! 

So anyway, I shall use this blog to recount some of my birding 'adventures' for anyone who's interested (audience participation may be required at times when I request help with identification). 

Also, to post shots of some of the birds I come across.  Because I have a photography website - - via which I am attempting to showcase and sell some of my prints.

So my blog will be about me trying to sell my prints as well ;)

What've we got so far...  birds, photos...  that's probably what I'll stick with for now.  Some other things I'm passionate about might come into it later, when I've figured out exactly how blogging works and why exactly I'm doing it!


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