Monday, 26 October 2009

Before all the leaves are gone...

England really is beautiful at this time of year. 

A few days ago I visited Tatton Park, in the hope of seeing some action between rutting deer.  There was none!  I watched one old-timer stag and his harem for a while, as a much younger male tentatively trotted towards them.  As soon as he got too close, the old-timer noisily chased him off.  No danger of a fight there - the young stag, put in his place, retreated to the safety of a nearby tree, where he remained for hours!

Meanwhile I explored some more of the park, encountering numerous groups of deer as I went:

I love how the doe on the left in this next shot manages to dodge the danger of this falling leaf:

Unfortunately the park closes at 5pm, so I wasn't able to stay until sunset, which I'm sure would have been stunning. 

However, the intermittent late afternoon sunshine made for the most beautiful golden light - coupled with the Autumn leaves, it was bloody gorgeous :)

I shall be back there soon, before all the leaves are gone...

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