Sunday, 8 November 2009

Going with your gut... almost always the right thing to do, I find.  If I hadn't gone with my gut the other day, I would never have witnessed this:

Rainbows are one of my all-time favourite things.  I understand the science behind them, but I still refuse to believe that magic isn't involved somehow...

This is probably one of the best I've ever seen, partly because I watched it appear before my very eyes, almost as though it was being drawn onto the sky, just for me (there was no-one else around!). 

And I only got to witness it because, a few days ago, on a grey, windy, showery afternoon, I followed my gut and went to Tatton Park in spite of the weather.  I only had an hour and a half before sundown/closing time, but the light was so stunning for most of that time that it was absolutely worth it.

The above shot, and the one below, were taken whilst sheltering from the rain under some trees (which had evidently been recently used as a Deer Toilet).  I accidentally startled some coots on the mere, which made for a nice shot:

Having watched the rainbow appear and then fade away, I turned around to this stunning sky:

GET IN!!  By this time I was grinning to myself like an eejit :-D  Who needs deer when you have light this beautiful??

Still, the most stunning skies always fade, so I started to walk on after a while. 

Came across lots of deer, including this young Fallow Deer stag grazing to a twilight Autumnal backdrop:

Oh, and I came across a group of rather elderly Red Deer stags earlier before the light went - the rut must be over, or they're too old to play, 'cos they were more interested in grazing than in chasing the ladies.  This particular one looked up briefly when he heard me, and was seemingly unimpressed:

Go with your gut, folks! 

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